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Mardilla™ Crocodile
Mardilla™ Crocodile
Mardilla™ Crocodile
Mardilla™ Crocodile
Mardilla™ Crocodile
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Mardilla™ Crocodile
Mardilla™ Crocodile
Mardilla™ Crocodile
Mardilla™ Crocodile
Mardilla™ Crocodile
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Mardilla™ Crocodile

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MATERIAL: Mardilla™ is made of Advanced frosted texture high temperature material , Which is unique in appearance, safe and durable, and the light and slender design is easy to put in the pocket and carry.


Just release your finger from the button to have your croc breathing flames! With its unique design & practical usability there are no other lighters that can compete. Mardilla™ is also gas refillable unlike most other throwaway lighters

FLAME SIZE ADJUSTMENT:  The flame size adjustment valve at the bottom can adjust the flame size at will with a screwdriver. The gas-filled flame regulating valve is designed in one piece, which can refill gas in a cycle.

REFILLABLE & WINDPROOF: This butane torch lighter can be refilled after run out of use. our butane lighter can spray powerful torch flame, which can easily resist outdoor wind. even in a windy environment, it also can be easily and quickly ignited.

EXQUISITE GIFT: The lighter stylish body design, and comfortable texture. It is a great gift for your loved ones, such as Father's Day, Birthday Gift, Thanksgiving Day, Valentine's Day.

Please note:
1. Due to shipping safety regulations, items filled with butane gas cannot be shipped, so lighters are sold without refilling.
2. Keep this lighter out of reach of children. Do not point the lighter head to your face, clothing, other people, flammable fumes, liquids or explosive substances.


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