VYG Perfume - Find out why 50,000+ men trust it
VYG Perfume - Find out why 50,000+ men trust it
VYG Perfume - Find out why 50,000+ men trust it
VYG Perfume - Find out why 50,000+ men trust it
VYG Perfume - Find out why 50,000+ men trust it
VYG Perfume - Find out why 50,000+ men trust it
VYG Perfume - Find out why 50,000+ men trust it
VYG Perfume - Find out why 50,000+ men trust it
VYG Perfume - Find out why 50,000+ men trust it
VYG Perfume - Find out why 50,000+ men trust it
VYG Perfume - Find out why 50,000+ men trust it
VYG Perfume - Find out why 50,000+ men trust it

VYG Perfume - Find out why 50,000+ men trust it

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Rated 4.9/5 based on 700+ reviews

"Got one because of their 30 day money back guarantee and jeez now my girlfriend can't keep her hands off me anymore. Not sure what they put inside but it's working wonders"- Eric N., Verified Customer ✔️

3X Your Compliments from Women with VYG™ Perfume

🦁 Alpha Aura Amplified: VYG™ enhances your innate alpha aura, exuding confidence and dominance.

🍸 Elevate Dating Success: VYG™ intensifies your charm, giving you an edge on every single date.

🌪️ Max Attraction Formula®: It's unprecedented 8% hormone concentration, significantly surpasses the industry standard of 0.05%, at a dust.

🌃 Enduring Aroma: Revel in the fragrance that lasts over 18 hours, keeping you in the game all day and night.

🚀 Here's how the VYG™ Perfume eclipses it's competition

💪 Unrivaled Pheromone Strength: Our Max Attraction Formula leads with a groundbreaking 8% pheromone formula, dwarfing the competition's standard of ~0.05%.

🏆 Peerless Pheromone Quality: Sourced from esteemed South African experts, we guarantee premium quality for peak efficacy.

⏳ Enduring Masculine Essence: Our fragrance defies time, delivering a lasting, alluring impact that persists for over 18 hours.

🍃 Naturally Superior Ingredients: Composed of the finest, naturally sourced elements, our fragrance enhances scent profiles and skin harmony.

🔄 Dynamic Scent Evolution: VYG™ Perfume interacts with your chemistry to create a continuously adapting and unique scent signature.

✨ Made with care from non-toxic, FDA-approved ingredients, VYG™ Perfume is not just a scent—it's an experience that transforms with each use.


Dive deep into our unique blend curated by specialists boasting over 7 years in pheromone research. With our formula, you're not just wearing a scent — you're donning an aura.

🔬 While it's impossible to detail each of the 25+ ingredients and their synergistic effects, here are some key components that define our unique formula:

🌿 Fragrance Essence Core: VYG™ blends Bergamot's zest, Cardamom's warmth, and Lavender's calm for an alluring base that delights the senses.

💥 Pheromone Blend for Max Attraction:

  • 🔥 Androstenone: Elevates masculinity and confidence, intensifying men's alpha presence.
  • 🤝 Androstenol: Enhances social connections and eases communication for greater charm.
  • 💫 Androstadienone: Increases allure and seduction for a compelling attractive edge.

⏳ Longevity Enhancer: We've included Ambroxan, an exceptional ingredient that's rare in perfumery, adding depth and extending the fragrance's life.

🎩 Exotic and Rare Elements: Infused with Oud Wood for depth and Saffron for a luxurious spice, elevating the scent's sophistication.

🌀 Modern Twist with Traditional Roots: A blend of Sandalwood and Vetiver grounds the dynamic scent, offering a timeless, evolving aroma.


The VYG™ Perfume is the very first fragrance that combine pheromones,  ingredients such as androstadienone, androstenone, and androstenol as well as a flawless scent all in one.

Pheromones handle the task of igniting men's attraction and interest. Androstenone, Androstadienone, and Androstenol contribute to the feminine aura, while the scent of fresh leaves, apples, and cinnamon adds a delightful and inviting note.

#1 Attraction Hack On The Planet 🔥

Find out why 50,000+ men trust VYG™ Perfume...



What is the science behind pheromones in humans?

Pheromones are chemical messengers secreted by organisms to elicit specific behaviors in others. In humans, these chemicals are detected by the vomeronasal organ (VNO), an olfactory structure in the nasal cavity.

Scientific evidence suggests that the VNO is involved in subconscious sociosexual behaviors, playing a role in mate selection based on perceived compatibility.

How are your pheromones made?

In our state-of-the-art lab, we focus on synthetically crafting pheromones that mimic the exact ones humans produce naturally. By replicating these precise molecular profiles, we ensure our product mirrors nature's own design.

This mirroring is the secret behind its effectiveness. Once we've perfected the synthesis, we infuse these identical pheromones into our cologne, creating a blend that resonates seamlessly with our biology.

Where are your pheromones made?

Our pheromones are expertly crafted in South Africa by two seasoned chemists with over 7 years of pheromone research.

Is it safe for daily use?

Absolutely! Our bodies naturally produce pheromones, and our colognes simply amplify your natural pheromone output. Our colognes are made with high-quality ingredients , which is safe for daily use.

You can wear our colognes with confidence, knowing that they not only enhance your appeal but are also gentle on your skin.

How do I use it effectively?

For the best results, apply our cologne to your pulse points, such as your wrists, neck, and behind the ears. The warmth of these areas helps to amplify the fragrance and pheromones, allowing you to exude an irresistible allure and make a lasting impression wherever you go.

Are there any side effects of using pheromone-infused colognes?

It is formulated with high-quality, non-toxic ingredients that are FDA-approved, making it suitable and safe for all skin types.

However, as with any product, we recommend patch testing before full use to ensure there are no individual allergic reactions.

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