3 Tips Mechanics Don't Want You To Know!

Auto repairs are expensive and take up your valuable time! AND how do you know if you are being taken advantage of?

Well according to a scientific study there are 3 ways (and 1 product) to ensure you’ll never overpay again.

1. Being confident and knowing the problem reduces the price.


The best way to combat the increase in price is to come in with a clear understanding of your car problem.

2. Mechanics take advantage of you more when your information is incorrect.


To save your hard-earned cash, you have to be DETAILED and ACCURATE with information.

3. Buy a tool that can show you the problem & help you fix it, too! 


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You can feel confident about your repair when you know the issue before going to the mechanic.

What if I told you mechanics don’t actually know what’s wrong with your car?

It's true.

Every car after 1996 has a computer in their car.


Your car computer can tell you what's wrong when the check engine light comes on. All you need is a tool that will talk with it. This is where a brand new invention called OBD2 EOBD comes into play.


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OBD2 EOBD is the tool that can talk to your car’s computer.

OBD2 EOBD was developed by three engineers from Georgia Tech. They designed the OBD2 EOBD app to give every driver access to the transparent and easy-to-understand information they need to fix and maintain their vehicle - without breaking the bank.

With the OBD2 EOBD Sensor and free app, you can see what your check engine light means before going to the mechanic and feel confident about repairs.

Wondering if your car is compatible?

If your car is made after 1996 it is!  

OBD2 EOBD is shaking up the automotive industry with over 2 million users and counting.

They believe knowledge is power. The creators of OBD2 EOBD want to empower drivers everywhere to save money and feel confident about car care.

The sensors mechanics use are bulky and cost over $1000.

That’s why OBD2 EOBD is such a GENIUS product.

The OBD2 EOBD sensor is tiny because it uses your smartphone to translate the check engine light into simple terms.

The FREE OBD2 EOBD app on your smartphone connects to the OBD2 EOBD sensor through Bluetooth/WIFI.

The OBD2 EOBD sensor uses the same technology that connects your phone to your headphones!

Do I Need a Subscription?

The great thing about the OBD2 EOBD Sensor is that it comes with a free app for both iPhone and Android smartphones. No subscription is required to read the check engine codes on your car, see how serious they are, and get automated maintenance alerts.

BUT… if you want to take it a step further with cost estimates for repairs, the most likely causes of your check engine light and how to fix it, access to the Mechanic Hotline, and more, there’s an optional OBD2 EOBD Premium subscription for a low annual fee.

OBD2 EOBD works with YOUR car!

Every gas-powered vehicle made in 1996 or newer will work with OBD2 EOBD.


OBD2 EOBD is based in Atlanta, Georgia and proud to be an American company.

They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and 30 days hassle-free return.

Usually, the OBD2 EOBD Sensor goes for $59 but...

For a limited time, OBD2 EOBD is having a special deal! Get your very own sensor for only $23.69!!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Does OBD2 EOBD work with my car?

OBD2 EOBD works with all gas-powered cars and trucks built after 1996 and diesels built after 2008. The OBD2 EOBD Sensor and app can read all standardized OBD2 codes on most gas-powered vehicles built in 1996 or newer. Enhanced codes such as ABS, airbag, transmission, & TPMS are NOT supported.

+ Is it easy to use?

YES! The great thing about OBD2 EOBD is that it’s literally made for ease and simplicity. Anyone can install it in their car themselves - without tools or going to a mechanic. And once you connect it to the free OBD2 EOBD app on your smartphone, it tells you in plain, simple English what’s wrong with your car and how severe the issue is so you can make an informed decision. You can even connect multiple sensors to one phone, allowing you to monitor all your family members' vehicles from one convenient place.

If for some reason you have any questions or trouble installing it, just send us a message here.

+ What kind of information can OBD2 EOBD tell me about my car?

The OBD2 EOBD Sensor and free app can tell you what your check engine light means in simple terms, how serious the issue is and consequences of continued driving, and when it's time for routine maintenance. OBD2 EOBD reads over 7000 standardized OBD2 check engine codes; however, it is unable to read enhanced codes (such as TPMS, ABS, airbags, & transmission) at this time.

+ Is OBD2 EOBD compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones?

YES! The free OBD2 EOBD app is compatible with both iPhones and Android smartphones. It only takes a few minutes to set up and start monitoring your car's health around the clock, preventing $1000s in costly repairs and giving you more confidence and control at the repair shop.

+ Do I have to pay for a subscription?

Nope. The OBD2 EOBD Sensor and free app are 100% free to use as many times as you'd like, on as many vehicles as you want.